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My Qi Gong Journey

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How I came across Qi Gong

My Qi Gong Journey started in 2019. In my daily business I am working as a “Equine Hoof Care Specialist” & Horse Trainer. This is a job that is very stressful and hard to the physical structures of the body. That was why I was looking for something that could help me to balance my body again. 

That was also the time my wife started an education in traditional chinese medicine for animals. So we were digging a little deeper into traditional chinese medicine and also found “Qi Gong” this way. 

At the beginning I just gave it a try. I was searching for some “Qi Going Videos” and started to copy the movements. But very early I noticed there must be something more than just copying the movements. So I began a research. I read a lot of books and the more I digged deeper the more interesting was it for me. And it still is. Every day I learn something new and it fascinates me every day a little more. It´s not like just practicing Qi Gong and learning something new now and then, it´s actually like studying Qi Gong for me. 

Today I have completed a few Qi Gong Courses and this will absolutly not be the end of my journey. I still feel as it just has begun. 

What I am currently doing

At the moment ( May, 2021 ) I am running a Facebook Page and a Instagram Account about Qi Gong ( @more.qi ). Both are places to exchange experiences with other Qi Gong Practitioners and Masters. 

I am practicing Qi Gong on a daily basis for about 1,5 hours every morning. I am practicing a daily routine which is 

  • Meridian Qi Gong
  • 5 Element Qi Gong
  • Zhan Zhuang
  • additional movements to train the lower Dan Tian

Additionally I am still in another White Tiger Qi Gong Course, which is 5 Animals Qi Gong.

5 Animal Qigong eBook

Where I want to go

Actually I don´t know where this journey will go to yet. First of all I am doing it to stay healthy. But I notice that Qi Gong is changing my life. My view on many things changes. That is why I don´t know what will come in the future. Sometimes I catch myself at using some Qi Gong knowledge in my Horse Training for example. Maybe one day I will complete a Qi Gong Teacher Training and help others to stay healthy too, I don´t know. Or maybe I will create a Qi Gong System for Horse People, Riders and so on. We will see 🙂

Qi Gong Instagram Account @more.qi

Qi Gong Certificates – Completed Courses

5 Element Online Course

Über den Autor Toby Schuetgens

Moin, ich bin Toby und ich liebe es gesund zu sein. Mein Wunsch ist es gesund alt zu werden und immer die Dinge tun zu können, die ich gerne mache. Dieser Antrieb hat mich zu einem Experten für Effektive Mikroorganismen gemacht. Mehr dazu: klicke auf: Menü >> Über mich!

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